As a COMENSA Master Coach and Evaluator, Supervisor Coach, Speaker, Mentor and AVID ‘25-year-old’ Entrepreneur from the advertising, marketing, and communications industry.

I have established myself uniquely as a PERSONAL and BUSINESS BRAND COACH, packaging brand concepts and assisting them to market. During my career, my team and I have developed over 500 brands by providing creative solutions, mentorship, and guidance to each one I have worked with.

My mission is to help grow people, which grows business, and in turn creates opportunities for job creation that our country gravely needs.

Helping people to understand, accept and assert themselves appropriately, is core to my interventions.  My aim is to brand business leaders from inside-out and I achieve this by using my value-based EQ model and TRUST framework. This methodology accelerates self-awareness and self-management, which translates directly to personal accountability within the workplace and life in general.

During my 13-year tenure as a coach-entrepreneur in EVEOLVE, I have worked with many entrepreneurs in various governmental and private sectors namely SEDA, BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Unashamedly Ethical and Women in Business Accelerator.

Continually seeking innovative solutions, I have also birthed collaborative virtual coaching platforms called VALUENEURS® (online coaching for entrepreneurs) and more recently HelloCoach® APP.

My passion is adding VALUE to individuals lives as well as building sustainable businesses and these platforms offer a user-friendly, accessible, affordable, and accountable business model that reaches more deserved, under-served and remote entities.

Living by my daily motto of ‘Helping others prosper, prospers me’, our businesses offer the solution of ‘Helping people to Help themselves.

Work Experience:

  • Owner run businesses (since 1995):
    •  Coaching:
      • EVEOLVE®, VALUENEURS®, HelloCoach®
    • Advertising:
      • Logogistics, EVEOLOGY Network, CDS Advertising & Events, Communique Design Studio and Vans Office Supplies
  • Other:
    • Nashua, De Beers Marine, LTA Construction, Fokus Personnel and Friesland Cattle Breeders Association

Academic qualifications: