“Createfulness,” is about looking after yourself.

We live in a world where it’s about productivity and results, and in the pursuit of those we tend to forget about looking after ourselves, we tend to forget to have fun, be creative, while we forge ahead.

In this 3-part series  I write about;

  • why we do need to play more,
  • how we are all creative and its importance,
  • how we can develop leadership skills, and what are the benefits, and
  • how they all fit together so we can lead a more holistic and fulfilled life.

Become an entrepreneur” is something you will have heard often. However, people forget that being an entrepreneur requires skills, knowledge, experience and an appetite for risk. This series of articles draws on my experience of working in corporate for 22 years, leaving corporate to open my own business and subsequently working with my clients for the last ten years as a business and life coach. You can expect me to share openly and to say it like it is. I promised myself in those early days to become the person whom I needed.

by redHUB Staff and Consultants

This blog is dedicated to activities, past and future, that are undertaken by redHUB

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