Juliette Gyure is an ICF (PCC) and Comensa credentialed leadership, life coach and entrepreneurship coach with experience in facilitation, change management and organizational development. Juliette empowers people to embrace change as a powerful opportunity for personal and business transformation, to develop into the fullness of their potential and to achieve success however they define it.

Juliette has fourteen years of experience in coaching leaders and teams across a range of industries (including the public and NGO sectors, insurance, banking, retail, hospitality, medical devices and education) as well as coaching private individuals undergoing significant change and transition.

If you are an entrepreneur, a coaching process with Juliette will help you to:

  • Clarify your business mission and vision
  • Fine-tune your business model
  • Optimise your skills, knowledge and passions to achieve your goals
  • Measure your progress and performance
  • Establish and attract your niche market
  • Understand and resolve challenges to success
  • Persevere in difficult times
  • Drive results
  • Inspire your team

In Juliette’s words, “My driving motivation is to evoke, nurture and ripen potential in my clients so that they can live their fullest life. I coach because I see transformative change happening in front of me. Coaching is profound, while simultaneously simple, practical, future – focused and results driven.  There is nothing I would rather do.”

Want to get a sense of who Juliette is as a coach? Click on this video link: https://farsightcoaching.co.za/who-we-are/juliette-gyure/

See https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliettegyure/