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Bongi has over 30 year’s Human Resources Specialist experience. Her expertise are in:  Strategic Human Resources Management  Talent Management  Succession Planning  Performance Management  Diversity and Employment Equity Management  Workforce Planning  Employee Relations  Industrial Relations  Social and Labour Plan  Mentoring She leads her own


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Khalid is a NLP master transformative executive coach, author, inspirational speaker, radio show co-host and television personality. He is a resplendent individual who thrives on serving the world selflessly.  Amongst the powerful traits he possesses he is an articulate orator and has touched the lives of many souls searching for their identity, thus


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Personal development and leadership coach, and business strategy consultant. As a professional and accredited coach, Philip collaboratively helps clients create strategies and habits that unlock their full potential. As an independent business consultant, he focuses on helping businesses drive growth holistically. Philip has a particular passion for working with start-ups. Philip has coached


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COMENSA Master Coach / Global Executive, Leadership and Team Coach/ NLP Practitioner/Enneagram Practitioner/Enneagram Team Coach/Leadership Facilitator/ Commercial Mediator/ HR Practitioner/ Corporate Trainer/Assessor/Public Speaker Esme has travelled the world for 18 years and has worked with executives in over 65 countries as an international Human Resources Manager and Global Coaching Practitioner. Esme talks about:

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