Executive Coach and Management Consultant

Jacques is an independent professional providing a range of services, including business coaching, business consulting, research, and training in coaching skills for managers and leaders.

Through consulting and mentoring, he will be able to assist with the development of business strategy, marketing strategy, business plans, project plans, risk assessments, and many more aspects of managing and running SMME’s. Coaching is used to develop you as a person, as manager, as leader – to build the best possible relationships between you and any employees you have.

Jacques has a wide business background of over 30 years – working in corporates, consulting to medium-sized businesses, and starting up and running his own professional practice. His work is supported by an MBA in Strategic Marketing and a Master’s degree in Coaching.

He can be contacted at ThroughTheLineC[email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmyburgh/