Professional Background

The majority of my 30-year career has been spent in the corporate environment, in the field of learning and development.

My passion is to contribute to the growth and development of people to enable them to reach their full potential, and thereby enhance the well-being of their organisation, community, family and themselves, both professionally and personally.

One of the ways I do this is through one-on-one coaching.  My coaching expertise covers life, leadership and work / business coaching.

Approach to Coaching

My start-point is that every coachee is capable of working out what they need to do in order to change and develop themselves appropriately, and to take ownership in acting on that insight.  The role of a coach is to be a catalyst or facilitator to enable the coachee to reflect, build further self-insight, reach a conclusion on what action to take, and embark on implementing it.  At subsequent coaching sessions the coach facilitates further reflection with the coachee on progress or otherwise being made, and so the reflection-action cycle continues.

A fundamental principle is that as a coach, while I prompt exploration of ideas and alternative courses of action, I do not dictate or provide the answer or solution myself – that must come from the coachee.

My approach is to empower the coachee to own the coaching process as well as the coaching outcome.

I usually use the GROW model as a framework for guiding the coaching session (see

I have provided a coaching service to clients from, among others, Mr Price, Engen, Transnet, Durban International Convention Centre, Vodacom, Lafarge, Richards Bay Minerals, Ethekweni Municipality, and Standard Bank.

I am contactable on cell number 084 569 9193 or via email on [email protected].