Sugar Pop MediaDigital Agency

Sugar Pop Media is a proudly South African BBBEE owned company, that offers consulting, informal training and support to SME’s. Our focus is largely on digital marketing in the world today. We do focus on industry specifics in order to capitalize and effectively strategize on marketing strategies and plans, as well as, the practical aspect of marketing and content creation to target an audience effectively through the use of both digital and traditional methods.

We have to-date serviced over 80 businesses in the Gauteng Province. We also informally train and offer support to companies with an in-house marketing team. We have hosted multiple practical workshops in this regard, to allow individuals and businesses to easily setup and run marketing departments and campaigns.

We operate mostly in the Gauteng area, but have hosted workshops nationally in South Africa.

Nabeela Vad Walla

Cell 082 810 3447

email on [email protected]


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