Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most dynamic and debated fields of law, on international as well as on national level, consistently forcing countries to adapt to developments in commerce, trade and industry, and in scientific and artistic creativity.

For over a century, Adams & Adams has been at the forefront of Intellectual Property law on the African continent, boasting the largest IP law practice in South Africa.  The founding brothers, Harry and Eustace Adams, had begun a tradition, in 1910, of regularly publishing IP handbooks for practitioners and industrialists.  In 2011 the firm carried that tradition forward by publishing, through LexisNexis, a comprehensive Practitioner’s Guide to Intellectual Property Law in South Africa – a book that Adams & Adams believed would assist owners of IP, and practitioners interested in IP, to navigate a course through the minefield of IP laws and regulations and conventions, but also to seek expert advice from an experienced law firm where the route becomes too uncertain.

The A&A Practitioner’s Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of IP law in SA.  It is ideal for a person who wants to be informed about the modern South African IP landscape; yet it goes beyond the context of basic IP protection to deals with emerging concepts as well as wider information immediately useful in the commercial world.  The book is easy to read and the information readily accessible.  The book starts with an introduction to IP in the international context, and then expands on the IP topic with sections on Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, Plant Breeders’ Rights, IP in the marketplace, economic influences, and the interface of IP with other aspects of law.

Adams & Adams has distilled their years of experience into a complete manual that also cites relevant laws, cases and treaties.  In so doing, the book is not only an interesting read, but also provides specialists with a superb springboard for delving into case law and relevant treaties.  To add to the comprehensive nature of the book, a CD-Rom is supplied that includes texts of South African IP laws and regulations, as well as relevant international treaties.