Personal development and leadership coach, and business strategy consultant. As a professional and accredited coach, Philip collaboratively helps clients create strategies and habits that unlock their full potential. As an independent business consultant, he focuses on helping businesses drive growth holistically. Philip has a particular passion for working with start-ups.

Philip has coached and mentored extensively within the corporate environment. As in independent personal development and leadership coach, Philip helps business leaders grow personally and professionally and works with his clients to help them lead and develop high performance teams. Many adults with ADHD gravitate to entrepreneurial ventures, and as an ADHD coach Philip helps, adults with ADHD thrive personally, academically, and professionally.

He has 20 years of corporate experience and held senior and global leadership positions within a multinational agency. He has extensive expertise in brand building and strategy, and front-end innovation and strategy development.

Philip has evidence-based and neuroleadership-based approach to coaching. He focuses on empowering clients with an understanding of the mind, and a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and together exploring strategies and co-creating high performance habits and thinking patterns that help his clients reach their full potential.

Philip has a masters’ degree in psychology and is a Credentialed Senior Practitioner (Coach) (COMENSA CSP) and is an accredited cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for helping professionals practitioner (APT).

Contact Information:

Mobile: +27 (0) 83 5717157

Email: [email protected]


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