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Unique Business Plans (est. 2008) are Professional Business Plan Creators specialising Business Plan Writing & Consulting and Business Funding Applications in multiple industries to existing and start-up franchised and non-franchised clients across Southern Africa. Our team has years of industry experience and offer our professional services when larger consulting companies are not financially viable to the client. Setup a free digital consultation today to discuss your business plan and business funding needs. First impressions last, so hire a professional too drastically improve your chances of success. Hire a professional. With over 150 years collective team experience, let Unique Business Plans get it right the first time.

Michael Joubert, Founder & Head of Operations at Unique Business Plans is  a passionate Business Planning, Online Digital & Social Media and Retail Operations Expert with the skills and ability to manage multi-sites, franchisee / B2C & B2C relationships, operations and marketing and effectively drive sales and profitability on a multi-business level.

With the early understanding of my skills in business planning, retail, quick serve restaurants, supermarkets, filling stations and SME’s, I have dedicated the entirety of my career toward developing and optimising businesses and driving profitability, successfully setting up a resounding career of over 18 years, including building of a leading business consultancy firm in South Africa.

My key qualities include my ability to negotiate and secure profitable contracts that have been firsts across multiple regions, to turnaround failing businesses into high-performing avenues, and to lead companies into new unchartered markets, further expanding brand awareness and engagement.

I hold skills that have been naturally progressive for me, such as continually introducing profit-driven initiatives that establish new revenue streams, to build a self-reliant network of franchisees that support each other’s successes and underperforming gaps, and to collaborate across all levels culturally and internationally.

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Michael Joubert

Head of Operations

Unique Business Plans

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