Khalid is a NLP master transformative executive coach, author, inspirational speaker, radio show co-host and television personality. He is a resplendent individual who thrives on serving the world selflessly.  Amongst the powerful traits he possesses he is an articulate orator and has touched the lives of many souls searching for their identity, thus reigniting and re-awakening their inner potential. His compassion and empathy extends to kids especially within the education and disability arena from all walks of life.

Khalid’s challenging business and personal experiences and phenomenal journey of life showcased how he evolved effortlessly, effectively and positively, thereby transcending beyond the victim mentality. He arose from the ashes, embraced his new lease on life with fervency . This awakening contributed to fulfilling his purpose and mission in life by allowing humans to tap into their limitless resources and thrive beyond measure, magically.

KJ has just been appointed as divisional CEO of Super Coach International. He is the pioneer of the centre of excellence which is focused on globalising the experiential LIFE transformative space.

Khalid recognises that regardless of ‘why’ the client comes to him: whether it be to set new goals, improve a relationship, find a solution to a challenge they might be facing currently or simply to unleash their innate potential. All they really want to feel is the experience of becoming ALIVE.

His grounded organic approach simply reengineers a client’s consciousness by reframing their model of the world, using hypnotherapy and gestalt therapy techniques.  Khalid bends people’s cognitive plains and assists them in creating new realities.  Hence aligning with his ultimate vision to impact- fully make a positive dent in the universe.

Human emotional wellness is his inner guiding compass. Khalid is an alchemy and fusion of a human metarmorposis of incredible change of kindness, love, forgiveness and freedom.

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