Coaching Methodology

Who – Gorette has coached  2006 and provided leadership training to executive and technical teams in diverse industries in Engineering, Financial Services, Mining, Telecommunications, Travel, Logistics, Construction, and Advertising. Organisations that I have done work for include ABB, Absa, Standard Bank ( SA, Mozambique and Angola), Liquid Telecom, Telkom, Vodacom, HPSA, Muniche, Sanlam, Goldfield Ghana, Perseus Edikan Mine, Cambridge University Press, Deutsche Bank and Illovo Sugar. I supervise new coaches on WBS coaching programmes and in corporates

What – Gorette promotes visionary living that is filled with purpose and drive and works with what being authentic across all spheres of their lives. Setting realistic but inspiring goals and working with strengths-based empowerment tools to meet her clients where they are tapping into their learning’s styles. Her coaching is driven, focussed and using positive psychology and NLP actively explores the coachee’s own abilities, potential and resources. Her diverse coaching training includes Agile and Business Agility and this has influenced the selection of tools that she uses and shares. Identifying self limiting mind-sets and shifting these by looking at daily habits that influence thinking and behaviours has been lifechanging with many coachees she has worked with. She uses Gestalt, Neurosciences, Agile Scrum, Adult Development Theory and NLP in her exploratory coaching conversations.

How – Gorette’s approach starts with connecting to your understanding your current role and explores how you got there and whether what you are doing inspires and drives you. Living a purposeful life and understanding your mind-set and the stories you tell yourself that may  positive or negative impact you on a daily basis and by making small changes creates a shift all aspects of your life.  The outcomes are impactful, both professionally and personally. As your committed coach she walks with you on your coaching journey and follows up the coaching session with articles and clips that inspire and could assist you in achieving your goals.

Areas of interest & current role

Gorette is  freelance Master Coach, facilitator and entrepreneur and on the WBS coaching panel. She freelances a number of training companies such as  Origo Consulting, Leadership Select Solutions, CoachMatching, The Personal Development Institute, LRMG, The Performance Agency, BTS, AdVitae, Exilite and Kaya Consulting.

She have just launched an online workshop that looks at Diveristy and Inclusion in times of Covid-19 to reduce anxiety and create psychological safety that she is marketing globally

Business Experience and background
Gorette started her career selling advertising space with AC Braby’s who sold advertising space.in opposition to the Yellow Pages. This followed a successful sales career in the Timber industry and then into travel. She reached her peak in sales when she was working for American Express Travel and landed the Anglo American Global travel account that was the largest travel account in SA in 2003. She moved into implementation of the account as the Amex Global Business Relation Manager (BRM) implementing the sell into all the Anglo companies building relationships from the C-level to the travel booker. She moved into the risky world of consultancy, coaching and training to follow her dream and has grow exponenetially by being exposed to many Change Initaitives and Personal Growth Journeys.

Levels of coaching practised

Gorette has coached from Board level, CEO and senior management levels, mid management and graduate leadership programmes. She loves working with senior executives, leaders who transitioning into new roles or working in diverse or challenging settings, tackling transformation and change creating purposeful happy individuals.