COMENSA Master Coach / Global Executive, Leadership and Team Coach/ NLP Practitioner/Enneagram Practitioner/Enneagram Team Coach/Leadership Facilitator/ Commercial Mediator/ HR Practitioner/ Corporate Trainer/Assessor/Public Speaker

Esme has travelled the world for 18 years and has worked with executives in over 65 countries as an international Human Resources Manager and Global Coaching Practitioner.

Esme talks about: Self Awareness #Fixed to Growth #Mindset #Mental Agility# Purpose Driven Leadership Emotional Intelligence #Confidence #Building #Cohesive Teams #Leading Diversity

Business and Leadership Coaching Experience

Esme can help your Leadership develop Emotional Intelligence through using advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques coupled with Advanced Coaching, Psychology and Commercial Mediation tools gained through world-class travelling. She worked with Executives across the globe as a highly valued Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Human Resources Manager. She has coached over 2500 professional coaching hours since 2010 when she started her Coaching practice in the United Kingdom coaching therapist.

She worked closely with Executives and Leaders from around the globe, coaching, training, and facilitating Leadership Development programmes. Working as a Human Resources Manager for an international Cruise line has given Esme great insight into diverse leadership and coaching approaches across the globe which she now ploughs back into her Executive Coaching and training initiatives.

Individuals, Team and Groups

She regularly directs team and individual coaching sessions for Executive committees, Senior Managers and Individuals for corporates in various countries around the world. As an Executive International Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Esme coaches and inspires on team dynamics, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, crisis management, character-based leadership and transition from management to leadership mentality. This includes but not limited to, Change Management, Diversity Management, Workplace Management, People Management, Conflict Management and Neuro Leadership. As an advocate of Transformational Leadership, Esme works with Leaders to build mental agility and a growth mindset to drive culture and behavioural change within their organsiations. In turn, changing the mindsets of employees to a mindset of growth and development.

What can you not gain from Esme’s experience working with executives in more than 65 different countries worldwide, living and learning from over 65 diverse nationalities as Human Resources Manager Internationally? No wonder she has such a developed and valuable insight into people and how to unlock their potential. She will do the same for you and your business.

She is also part of the South African professional governing bodies which includes but not limited to, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), Family Mediation Association of the Cape (FAMAC), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediation in Motion (MiM) – UCT Faculty of law, SA Coaching news subscriber/content writer, The Sandton Coaching Centre Supervision and Coaching Mastermind Group as part of her professional coaching supervision and continuous development.

Esme is a well-presented international Master Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Articulate Communicator and Negotiator at all levels, who commands respect and credibility through the projection of a professional image