The REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (redHUB) Business Pitch Plan is one of three flagship events aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs, of a cohort from the REGENT Business School, Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship programme.

This year, up to twelve students across four campuses, namely: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, will connect in this hybrid event and take part in the annual Business Plan Pitch competition modelled on the “Shark Tank” concept. Entrants will have 12 minutes to pitch their business ideas, after a year of preparing their business plans.

This year marks the third instalment of the event and as usual will be judged by a panel of industry leaders in youth and small business development namely; Junior Achievement South Africa, Black Umbrellas, and Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA).

The participants will be judged on their ability to articulate their business idea, the sustainability and innovation thereof. Five students will win a share of R 150,000 towards kick starting their businesses.

redHUB’s mission is to provide practical education, training and mentorship for aspirant and early-stage entrepreneurs by nurturing their disruptive and innovative skills, using resilient and antifragile strategies.

Aim of the competition:

To showcase the REGENT Business School’s determination to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with practical business skills.

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